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Make someone's journey easier.

Ask for my seat

Chronic pain, injury, illness and disability...

It’s not always clear when someone is in need of a seat. Having to ask is a barrier and most of the time it’s easier to suffer in silence.

Want to make someone’s journey easier?Wear the ‘Ask for my seat’ badge next time you’re sat on a busy tube, train or bus.

See who we help.

I am a sufferer of migraines and regular crippling head aches. It’s not easy taking a train and having to stand when I am in pain but it’s something I have learned to live with. The 'Ask for my seat' badge is a great idea and one that I totally support.Rachel I, school teacher, London.

I am prone to illness and I have problems with breathing which make it hard for me to be in confined spaces. Standing and being squashed on a busy tube is not good for me and usually I wait until I can get a seat which can often take time and sometimes not be possible.Ruth D, head of people development, London.

While I have no desire to be pregnant, I must confess I have recently been very jealous of the 'Baby on board' badges that London Transport provide. I am recovering from 7 hours of surgery following a cancer diagnosis, and as I begin my recovery, I am travelling on public transport. There is rarely a seat and because I look well, fellow commuters have no idea what I am going through. I don't feel I can request a seat because I look just as able to stand as the person who's seat I am asking for. This scheme would not only symbolise the number of caring people there are out there - it would give those less able the confidence to ask for help.Tracey B, London.

This is a really great concept for people suffering with anxiety or claustrophobia. I struggle on tubes, trains or buses being close to people around me and really appreciate having my own space (which only ever happens when I get a seat). This badge allows me to ask people for their seat without the awkwardness of having to explain why.Amy M, Business Development, Birmingham.

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